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Of me randomly wanting Angelic Pretty

So, I saw this in Kera today, fell in love with it, and now that I see everyone calling it ugly online, am wanting it even more! I applaud Angelic Pretty for their unique color choices and designs, it's a lot better than seeing the same monotone jsk over and over again.

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Of more lolita and space channel 5...

This past weekend, my sister and I decided to hook up our old Sega Saturn! We played D, if anyone remembers this rare horror game, as well as Dragon Force, a completely underrated strategy/RPG game. I remember back in the day staying up until 6 in the morning playing Dragon Force, unlocking all the characters, taking over all the castles, pillaging and plundering... then I remembered how the Saturn had one fatal error in it's system...

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Mommy, look what I did!!

So, I was really bored at work last week, and decided to make a mini shrine to Ben Barnes on one of the fixtures in the kid's section. What do you think? Now I can look at his face every day ^_______________^


This is like seriously, WTF. hahaha, two-headed Lara Croft!! Now that's classic!

Lolita Wishlist 2.0

So muc h lolita, so little time (and money!). Looking at my barren lolita wardrobe, I realized that there are a lot of staple items that I am totally lacking! 2 pairs of shoes and 1 blouse with a few different colored skirts/dresses does not constitute a wardrobe, especially since I pretty much have no matching headgear to go with my outfits. SO, here is my wishlist/soon-to-be-checklist of things I want need to buy!


Short and Sweet...

I'm working on my wishlist 2.0. But right now I have a serious dilemna. I can either buy more lolita clothing or fill up my gas tank with $4.35/gal gas............... seriously leaning towards buying lolita clothing and fucking walking everywhere and looking damn cute while doing it. What d'ya think?

Narnia Pictures!!

My friend bought some magazines at Mitsuwa wth Narnia pictures in them. Here's the folder with all the scans, courtesy of Emily, including some VERY nice ones of Ben Barnes. Enjoy!


Of Turkish Delights & Lolita Dreams

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Bonus Video!! Meet Jaime's barely legal boyfriend! *k, seriously, I'm going to hell...*

Oh My, My Image is Ruined *_*

So, apparently Ben Barnes (his hotness, Prince Caspian) was in a boy band called Hyrise... I kid you not, here is video evidence. Rosie, I hope this doesn't ruin your image of him as it has mine lol

Of Skanden & Karaoke

Soooooooo, it's been a bit since I've posted. I've had a miyavi concert, lolita meetup, multiple Prince Caspian viewings, and a really unfortunate viewing of the live action Death Note movie. So! First things first, here's the pictures from Thanh's camera of our karaoke lolita meetup:

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Well, that's all for the pictures. So onto some fun stuff. I've seen Prince Caspian 4 times now *_* I think I'm a little obsessed with Ben Barnes, and to me, Emily's, and Adriene's surprise, Skandar Keynes (who plays Edmund). I'm sorry, but between the last movie and this one, that kid got HOT! And in other movie news, they were randomly showing the live action Death Note movie at our theater, so me and my sister decided to dress up and go. Now I remember why I'm not as into anime as I used to be... the theater was full of the worst species of weeaboos I have ever heard! The were SCREAMING, literally, SCREAMING the whole movie, being as annoying as humanely possible. Then when I though it couldn't get any worse, that's when the fangirls began shouting YAOI over and over and over... well you get my point. UGH!

So that's all for now, I'll post our outfit pictures from Death Note when they are ready. Mata ne~